My own blog, Monna has gone through many starts, stops, changes and transformation in the last 2-1/2 years since I started it.

I believe much of it was in part due to my not fully dealing with the death of my husband and not knowing how I belonged, where I belonged or even if I belonged anywhere.

In the last couple of weeks I have decided that I want to have a presence on the internet and I cannot confine myself to just one area of interest.  I have too many interests.

I love inspiring, motivating and helping people, especially since I have gone through some tough times myself.  If I can help someone through their own tough time, whether it is in their personal life, starting an internet business, an interest or hobby that we both like, a shoulder to cry on, an “atta girl or atta boy” when deserved and even maybe a kick in the rear when needed. 🙂

As you look through my blog, you will find many posts and pages on various topics; some personal, some business, some crafting and some ramblings just because I think of something I thought about and wanted to write about it.

I do hope you enjoy your visit here.

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About Monna Ellithorpe

Writer, Published Author, Teacher, Blogger, Marketer. I have written most all of my life: journals, diaries and short stories. When faced with a life decision, writing kept presenting itself to me at every turn. I then started to seriously pursue a career in writing.