Online Business


Online Business

I started working on the internet back in 2000, on eBay selling quilting fabric, quilting patterns and supplies and miscellaneous stuff I found at yard sales, etc.  I wasn’t a “Power Seller” but I did pretty well but it just was not something I wanted to continue forever.


I started doing a little of PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing with Google and let me tell you…, DON’T if you have no idea of what you are doing.  I lost money big time and very, very quickly because I did not educate myself enough about PPC.  There is no doubt in my mind that you can make a lot of money with PPC advertising but you have to absolutely KNOW what you are doing.


In 2003, I took time away from the internet and the computer, except for working as a medical transcriptionist to be with my husband.  I still was interested in starting an internet business but knew I would not devote my full attention to it at that point in my life; choosing to spend my spare time with my husband and family. 


After my husband passed away in August of 2008, I buried myself in the internet as a way of escaping my pain but still with the idea that one day I would create and run my own internet business. 


I revised and updated my Double Wedding Ring Quilt E-Book and put that back online and it has been steadily growing in the ranks of Google ever since and providing passive income for me.


The 5 years away from the internet created a gap in the education that I had learned, versus what was happening in terms of advertising, marketing and sales in 2008, so I began again educating myself on the new internet trends, Web 2.0, social networking, etc. 


I came across many, many MLMs (multi-level marketing) companies and I thought to myself, “This is IT, I’ve found a way to earn money on the internet”.  Again, while a little bit more educated than in the earlier years, I still fell for some of the “hyped up sales pitches”.   Even though money was tight, I still managed to scrape together enough to try a few of the programs out there.


Limited funds turned out to be a blessing for me in a few cases.  Because I did not have the extra money to spend I was more choosy in what I decided to spend my money on.  I tried quite a few and I am somewhat embarrassed to mention them all (so I won’t)  but I can say it was a learning experience.


I’ve been called an “MLM Magnet” by someone who I have no earthly idea who it is.  It really upset me to see that because I felt like I was just like everyone else out there trying to find some way to make some extra money.  Any time I felt like the program I was involved in was not true to its claims, I stopped promoting it.  I realize I probably was also viewed as a “program hopper” but that was not my reasoning.  I felt and still feel that if a program is not right for me, then it is not right for me to try and convince anyone else to join it and I WON’T


A while back, I began working with Dave D. Williamson creating a video and information training blog that is completely free for everyone to use.  I have found great satisfaction in working with Dave and helping the many people that we have met and worked with over the last couple of years. 


I have decided that the best programs for me to be involved in and that I can in good conscious promote and believe in are:

1.  Easy Double Wedding Ring Quilt E-Book

2.  Monna

3.  One Week Marketing Private Training Center (BEING UPDATED)

4.  Tag Trading Central (Tag Village) (NO LONGER EXISTS AS FAR AS I KNOW)

5.  Just Been Paid – JSS Tripler (Which is now called Profit Clicking) (NO LONGER EXISTS AS FAR AS I KNOW)

6.  Dave D.