Ever since I was young I have always had it in the back of my mind that I would like to draw or paint.  I assumed that a talent for art was “JUST” there, something you were given or not given.  I believed I was NOT given that talent and convinced myself I could draw nothing more than “stick people.”

I would watch Bob Ross on TV and was totally mesmerized by the paintings he created and it did not look that hard but I was still convinced I could never do that.

Just recently (in the last few months) I met a wonderful lady and a very talented artist, Nathalie Villeneuve.  Watching her paint and show her beautiful work, once again got me to thinking about my buried secret desire to draw and paint.

I’ve found out that being an artist is absolutely NOT a talent you are given.  You can teach yourself how to draw and paint.  I’m sure there are many people that it comes to easier than others but I’ve learned that anyone can draw or paint if you believe in yourself and have the desire to work at it and practice.

I am trying out difference mediums of art to see which one I like the best and can work with the easiest using; pencils, colored pencils, chalk, watercolors and acrylic paints.

I decided to post some of my beginning drawings and paintings.  I do have a lot to learn and will have to practice a lot but I do see potential in what I have done already and I have never been so excited about this in my life.  Instead of continuing to tell myself, “I can’t draw” I am starting to believe and telling myself “I can draw and I can paint.”

Below are some of my drawings and paintings and a couple my granddaughter drew. As you can see practice may make it perfect, so I still have a ways to go but at least I’m working on it.




7-23-2011 Mountains-Water

7-23-2011 Mountains-Water














June-2011-MonnaEllithorpe – Drawn with small square ink pads from scrapbooking.


June-2011-MonnaEllithorpe – Rose




Mar-2011-MonnaEllithorpe – Black Cherries



May-2011-MonnaEllithorpe – Bird, Quilt, Pitcher


Picture from a quilt pattern

Picture from a quilt pattern


My Granddaughter Cameron drew this.



My First Bob Ross -Like Painting 6-9-2011 (Drawn on computer, using Gimp)


Are you a “Wanna Be Artist” or an artist already?  Let me know what you like to draw or paint.  I would love to hear from you and see some of your work.

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