Drawing and/or Sketching

drawing I used to think that drawing and sketching was a God-given talent that you were either born with or you were born without.  It wasn’t until recently that I started reading more about drawing and finding out that the majority of people who draw have been taught or self-taught.

They did not just pick up a pencil and draw the perfect flower, the perfect scenery or portrait their first time out.

There are different mediums to work with; pencils, colored pencils, charcoal, chalk and ink.

Doodling, just scribbling on the paper without a purpose in mind can become a drawing.  It can be what you see it to be with your interpretation.

Drawing is another great stress reliever and also is a part of my new group on Facebook “Creative Arts For Stress Relief”

Your drawings or sketches on this blog or in the group are YOURS to keep.  This site, the owner, nor any member will not claim any rights to them.  You may publish on this site, in the group or remove as you want.  I am just giving you a place to test the waters and see what form of drawing you enjoy and are best at doing.  Remember, it takes time and can be relaxing if you let it.

As the site grows and the group grows, there will be contests, drawing challenges and drawing prompts to help you out.

You are more than welcome to join the “Stress Relief Creative Arts Forum” by signing up below and proceeding to register and begin your drawing and/or sketching thread.  Please read the rules of the forum and abide by those rules.

It is meant as a creative outlet JUST FOR YOU…


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