A Break From Internet Marketing and Information Overload


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Many, many people are rushing towards the internet in an attempt to start blogging or affiliate marketing. While you are in the learning process and taking in all this information, even though you are excited and inspired to create your first $1, there are times that you need to take A Break From Internet Marketing and Information Overload.


Everyone knows that if you keep pushing yourself and become exhausted, you are not going to produce your best work and in the beginning of your new online business, you cannot afford to make costly mistakes; overwork and information overload will do that to you before you know it.


I fall prey to this type of thinking sometimes myself; I think I HAVE to get it done now or if I am not working as many hours as possible, then my new business will not succeed.



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Yesterday, I took a much needed break and spent the day with a friend whom I have known since we were both about 6 years old (hmmm, that’s about ?? years ago).  


As for my computer, I checked email in the morning to make sure there was nothing that I needed to take care of ASAP and the same in the evening.


Otherwise the day was absolutely ALL about 2 good friends, feeling like we were in our teens again; shopping, eating lunch, talking about when we were growing up, what it’s like to get older, etc.


Fridays are usually my blogging days to update my blog, check my affiliate marketing sites to make sure everything is working properly and generally checking the overall progress of my online business.  Did I worry about it?  Yes, I did some but today after having the day off yesterday, I realize I have a much clearer mind on what my goals are, what I need to do in terms of productivity today for my internet business.


The human body is not made to continuously work hour after hour and expected to perform at its peak without taking breaks and resting; including body and mind.  


I’m betting the main reason you decided to try internet marketing and start an online business is to be able to work less and spend more time with your family and friends;  right?


In order to make money online, it is true that you do have to devote some extra time to learn, set things in motion and produce valuable content in order to get where you want to be but not at the expense of your health, body and mindset.


You have to find an outlet, a way to relieve tension and stress that you build up while trying to create your home business.  Blogging could be your creative outlet.  You could concentrate on a specific topic or write about your daily life or if you have a hobby that you can turn in to an online business.



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Relaxation and hypnotherapy are also other alternatives to relieving stress in just about every area of your life from just simply sitting quietly, relaxed and breathing deep and letting go of all negative thoughts, to listening to recordings to lead you in relaxation techniques.


So whatever you are going through in your life; business or personal, finding a way to change your mindset or learning how to relieve tension in what ever ways you find relaxing is another piece of the puzzle you “Must Have.”

 A Break From Internet Marketing and Information Overload