6 Part Social Media Series – Cross Posting – YouTube vs IBOTube #3

ibotube-logoSorry for the interruption in my posts but to get back to the 6-part series about cross posting or as some have mentioned to me, referred to as “cross sharing,” I will not be sharing any information with you about YouTube today.  
I may have mentioned before (lol) that Google has shut down my Adsense account and also my YouTube account, so I cannot sign in to get the information I need for a post.  I intended to use a friends account but I guess Google still picked up on my ISP and I still could not get to any information to share with you.  No worries though, I have had to make a few adjustments since Google doesn’t like me any longer and this is no different.

IBOTube Video Sharing Alternative

I would like to tell you about IBOtube which is an alternative video sharing site that is very similar to YouTube but SO DIFFERENT in that IBO will not shut your account down for posting videos about your business.  In fact, IBO (Independent Business Owners) welcomes videos about your business and encourages posting your videos because there are many, like me who have been shut down by YouTube.
IBOtube is a part of IBOToolbox which is a free social and advertising platform built, maintained and kept running for the sole purpose of online marketers and/or business owners online.  IBOtube has a separate login for the video part of the site and I believe you also have to have a regular IBOToolbox account (Get Your IBOToolbox Account Here) in order to sign up for the video channel (I haven’t been able to confirm this yet).  
I am thankful to the IBO folks who provide such a great platform for marketers.  As they grew, they added the video channel, a section called IBOgigs (similar to Fiverr) and a traffic exchange.  

Most of the visitors that IBOToolbox receives are visitors who find something that an IBO member has posted, commented on or added a video through a Google search; kind of ironic, isn’t it?  

Google Loves IBOToolbox and IBOtube.  

Just to give you an example of the traffic that IBOToolbox receives, I have taken a screen shot of the stats from the dashboard as of Sunday, June 22, 2014 at approximately 2:57 pm EST (see picture below).  My personal stats are at the top of the picture; I haven’t visited IBOToolbox today yet to make my post, comments, etc.  


Getting back on track with videos at IBOtube (my IBOtube channel; http://www.ibotube.com/user/monnaellithorpe.aspx )  So far, I have not found anything with IBOtube that wants or requests to gain access to any of your accounts or to post on your behalf, with the exception of the traffic exchange which directs you to log in to your account yourself in order to share your sites on the traffic exchange. 

Building Social Relationships


Just like any of the other social sites, the key to success with IBO is in building relationships.  As you are active on the site and participate, you will gain credits to use for advertising.  In addition to earning credits yourself, you can earn more credits for attending the webinars on Wednesday evenings at 8 pm EST and Saturdays at 12 noon.  Kris Karafotas who provides the webinars, also writes the IBO Newsletter that is sent out every Sunday evening which will also contain a coupon code to exchange for ad credits. 

I apologize that I was not able to provide the YouTube information for you but as a heads up, you may want to take a look at your YouTube account settings and maybe you will notice and find some things that do not look quite right to you and you can make changes as needed.  

Next Week’s Topic

Next week we will take a look at LinkedIn.  This will be a new learning experience for me, as I have never found LinkedIn to be a user friendly site but I am told I am wrong.  So this coming week, I will take time to learn more about LinkedIn and how it can benefit you in whatever type of business that you are involved in.  


If you enjoyed this post and found it helpful to you, please comment and share on the social networks with everyone and let me know how I’m doing.

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