This is the second part of my 6 part series on Cross Posting and this week we will take a look at my Facebook account to see what a mess I have created or not.  
I hope that you are able to follow along with your Facebook account and be able to see what can be done to correct, add to, delete and just generally clean up what happens in your Facebook account on your behalf (by allowing other apps to post for you).

To start with, you will need to go to your settings in Facebook which is in the blue bar across the top and at the right and use the arrow to open the drop down menu and click settings.  

At first glance, I’m thinking, “That’s great, I don’t have too much to check on.”  But then, looking at it closer, I see that I have allowed 38 apps to have access to my Facebook account; probably a disaster waiting to happen and not a good idea.


6PartSocialMediaSeries-CrossPosting-Facebook2I won’t go through each of the apps with you in this post.  There are just too many scenarios for a Facebook account for me to try and cover here.  By following along, I hope you will look closely at your own account and decide if you have too many apps and which ones are not providing any value to your Facebook account.


Cleaning Up Your Facebook Account…

Go through your account and delete any apps, especially ones that you are no longer associated with or maybe the site is no longer online.  It may leave your account vulnerable if an app still has access but is no longer a functioning site (I don’t know this for sure, just my opinion about your account being vulnerable; better safe than sorry).


Out of the 38 apps on my Facebook account, I deleted 15 of them. Some I don’t use any longer, some I’ve never heard of and do not remember giving permission for them to have access.  Of the 23 I have left, I will go through them in detail and see exactly what they do before I decide to keep or delete and you should also do the same to your Facebook account.


Facebook Statements… Social Media

6PartSocialMediaSeries-CrossPosting-Facebook2aJust below the apps section there are a couple of Facebook statements that you may want to read over and reconsider what you are agreeing to.


Take the time to open the three drop down menu sections “Apps others use; Instant Personalization and Old Versions of Facebook for Mobile:” and decide what YOU want people to see or not see about you.

If you have an online business, of course you will want people to be able to contact you through different ways; websites, videos, links, etc.  If you are a casual Facebook user, you probably do not want all of this information out there for everyone to see.
Of the apps that were remaining, I have chosen to remove the following; 
  • Flipboard  
  • Storify  
  • Metacafe  
  • Animoto  
  • Gravatar  
  • SkillPages
I removed them, not for any purpose other than I rarely use them, so I don’t want them having access to my Facebook account.  As time goes on, I can add them back if I see a valuable need for them.


So, I hope the second post in the series of six helps you to understand more of what is happening with your Facebook account and how you can go in and take control of your own account.


Next week we will tackle YouTube and see what we find there. This will be a little bit of a challenge since YouTube has closed my account down. I believe I have a friend that will let me log into their account to gather some information for you, so long as I don’t make any changes. 

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