5 Ways To Increase Your Social Engagement

5 Ways To Increase Your Social Engagement

Everyone knows or should know that the trend online these days is to get back to actually talking with people and steer clear of the automation of certain things. Although automation is a great time-saver when it comes to tasks that you do each day that does not take away from actually having a conversation with someone.


Most everyone who is online today already belongs to a blogging tribe or a blogging group or you are thinking about joining one. Don’t put it off any longer.


It is a good idea to put this activity into your daily routine and keep up with it. You will be amazed at the responses you will get and remember to always return a comment even if you are not interested in the subject. 


There is an awesome Blogging Community called PAC (Power Affiliate Club) and I am proud to say that I am co-founder and co-creator of PAC with Lesly Federici.

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You will not find a greater group of people online than the members of PAC, however, I have been thinking lately that our blogging section needs a little shake up in the sense that the same people who are serious are the ones participating in the weekly blog commenting and sharing, over and over again.


I cherish each one of these people and have no intentions of losing contact with any of them but from a marketing standpoint, I believe we need to start venturing out to meet at least one new person each day or week and start commenting on their blogs.


My new project that I am working on (shhhh, don’t tell anyone yet, K?) will help to grow your reach of engagement and will put you and your blog out in front of more people. We all know that networkers love to share good content with other bloggers, friends and associates.  


If everyone does this every day or every week, then we will increase our reach to more people and thus grow your brand and your business. 


For example, I met Adrienne Smith online a few weeks ago and she is a super lady and she knows a lot about blogging. I commented a few times on her blog but I haven’t been back in a while.


Not that Adrienne doesn’t have great content to share, it’s just that I have not planned a blogging routine to reach out to “new to me” bloggers. We must keep expanding our engagement, meeting and learning from other great bloggers out there. 


So, now for my list of 5 things to do to increase your social engagement.

1. Remember to keep in contact with the people who have helped you get this far already.

2. Start making a conscious effort to find one new blogger a day or a week to start following and keep up with what they teach, especially if they are in the same niche that you are blogging about.

3. Share the great new content of the new bloggers you find with the people you already know. This may be a new contact for them also.

4. Try to keep in mind that not every person’s blogging content is going to interest or be right for everyone else. Find and share bloggers and their content that compliment your blogging topics and share them with others of the same topics. Even if their content is not your style, share it any way. Someone will be interested and thank you for sharing with them.

5. Be sure to leave comments on the new blogs that you find that are thoughtful, interesting and maybe even ask a question to get a conversation started and maybe a continuing conversation. If you do this, the writer of the blog will know that you actually read and enjoyed their post and you found value in their work; enough to share with “your” readers.


I am somewhat behind in keeping up with my posting schedule but I think you will forgive me once you see what I have been working on. I should have things in place with my next post so be sure to check back and/or subscribe to my list below or on the right sidebar, so you will know when I release my new project. 


So, I’m off to work on building my email list (another important step I have neglected). I am learning from Jimmy Kim and his product called Build My List (BML) and I will be sharing my thoughts and review on BML as I proceed through his course. 


You know Donna Merrill, don’t you? If not, you should check her out. I will be reviewing her course; Donna Merrill’s Blogging Magic and sharing with you what I learn from Donna. I already know it’s going to be a great experience. Donna and David Merrill are two people that I actually “get it” when they explain about working online and marketing. 


Okay ladies and gentlemen, that just about wraps it up for this post. 


I hope you have found some things of value in my post this time. Please feel free to comment and share with your social sites, friends and associates. It will be greatly appreciated. 


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