LeslyFederici-MonnaEllithorpe-PACLesly Federici and I, who are co-founders and co-creators of The Power Affiliate Club Community had a meeting about the plans that we have for PAC in the next coming year which were based on the answers we received from a short survey from our Community Members and 4 Crucial Points For Success in 2015.


To our delight almost all of the members were very happy with what we have presented to them in the way of activities and exposure for them and their own sites and Facebook Fan Pages.

4CrucialPointsForSuccessin2015What I would like to talk about now is your success online and how you can achieve that.  There are four (4) main points that, if you keep them in mind will help you tremendously each and every day, no matter what you do.


1.  Decide on your niche or opportunity and stick with it.

2.  Find a group that you can be a part of with supportive members.

3.  Focus and determination.

4.  Consistency, even with the daily humdrum stuff.  


Decide On Your Niche or Opportunity and Stick With it

Sometimes this is hard when you are starting out. You are not sure what you want to do or if there is a market for your interests.  Do some research on Google before you do anything. Talk with other people in the same business you are considering and ask yourself; “Can I see myself doing this same thing next year or even in five years?” 


Even doing research, there is always a possibility you may make a wrong choice and decide it is not something you can stay passionate about or interested in for the long term.  Give yourself a time frame like 3 months, 6 months or even a year and if you are not happy, not making money or maybe the business you chose just isn’t for you, then call it a lesson learned and move on. 


4CrucialPointsForSuccessin2015-aBe careful that you are not constantly jumping from program to program or business to business because people will notice and see you jumping all over the internet “program hopping.”  It’s kind of hard to “Know, Like and Trust” someone who cannot decide or run their own business life.  


Find a Group That You Can Be a Part of With Supportive Members.

Working alone is most of the time boring and lonely and you sometimes need to talk with someone in the same field of work (online), it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same business.


Power Affiliate Club LogoAs mentioned, Lesly and I created The Power Affiliate Club Community and the group The Power Affiliate Club Community on Facebook


Before that, I also had a hard time deciding what I wanted to do and staying focused.  But there has been an amazing difference in my work and my personal life just with the creation of this group and the support from each member.  We are all about teaching, sharing, caring, support and opportunity for each of our members in PAC.

Focus and Determination

4CrucialPointsForSuccessin2015-bDo you know the difference between “focus” and “busy work?” 


Busy work is being active online all day long; on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and just working as hard as you can posting updates, etc. but at the end of the day you don’t have anything to show for it. 

  • No post written for your blog
  • No new contacts that you have actually talked with
  • No improvements to the appearance of your blog
  • No new videos made…


Basically, busy work has wasted your whole day and you did not focus on any one thing that will move your business forward in the next year. 


Focused work is making a list, a plan and a goal of what you want to accomplish in that day. You may not always get everything done but you have more of a fighting chance to get something accomplished and marked off of your list when you are focused.  

Consistency, Even With the Daily Humdrum Stuff

I am not going to lie to you. Some of the things that you will have to do online will sometimes feel like the “equivalent thrill of watching a pendulum swinging back and forth.”  But if you have been online for any amount of time you know the premise is that someone needs to be exposed to a product at least 7 times before they buy unless it is something they were looking for and have already made up their mind to buy.


To sum it all up again;   
1.  Decide on your niche or opportunity and stick with it.
2.  Find a group that you can be a part of with supportive members.
3.  Focus and determination.
4.  Consistency, even with the daily humdrum stuff.


The Power Affiliate Club Community is growing and creating new activities and exposure for our members and their ventures in 2015.  If you haven’t found a home yet, check us out and see if we are right for YOU…   


A Couple of Other Things I Wanted to Mention:


November 30, 2014 was the last day of NaNoWriMo 2014 and I did not complete the challenge.  I finished with 15,077 words.  It was a huge undertaking for me since most of my already published books have been instructional and guides in nature and at the most, around 100 pages or so but instead of chastising myself for not completing the challenge, I am choosing to pat myself on the back for trying. 


If you participated in NaNoWriMo 2014 and were able to write 50 thousand plus words; I congratulate you.  If you did not, pat yourself on the back for trying.


On the Plus Side:


I did get the first series of eight videos done on How To Format and Publish Your Book to Amazon’s CreateSpace (paperback version)  


I put a special price on the series for Black Friday and Cyber Monday but since I didn’t get my post out this morning, I am going to extend the Cyber Monday price until Tuesday evening December 2, 2014; 8 videos teaching you step by step on formatting and publishing to CreateSpace for $17.00



Okay, we are on the last stretch of 2014 and there are many things to do and get ready for the new year. Are you with us???


How about clicking on The Power Affiliate Club Community link (main site)   / The Power Affiliate Club Community on Facebook   / The Power Affiliate Club Community on Google+  and get your online business on the right track?


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4 Crucial Points For Success in 2015